And that’s how we found ourselves, all 100 students in the age group, working madly on the production of a Purim Fair – all of it a donation

“A year and a half ago we began our studies at the high school yeshiva in Hispin, in the Golan heights,” says Bnayahu Wieder, a student of the Yeshiva. “it was then that we met Boaz Schwartz who lives in Ramat Magshimim. He is a good friend of ours and we are always together, at school and at all activities. We knew from the start that he suffers from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, but apart from the annual school trips for which a special vehicle is prepared for him, there is no difference in our routine.

“It seems to me that things changed after my parents came in to talk to the class and the entire age group” continues Boaz Schwartz. “It’s true that everyone knew from the beginning that I suffer from Duchenne, but they didn’t really understand what this meant. After my mum and dad came and talked directly to all the students, they all suddenly understood how this disease affects my life.”

“Every Purim we organize a special fair for the kids and residents of the Golan Heights,” continues Bnayahu, “every year we donate all the revenues for a special cause and this year, following our acquaintance with Boaz, we decided to donate to the Little Steps association, that helps all the Duchenne-Becker patients in Israel.

“Three students managed the production of the fair: Ariel Etzion, Shlomo Tepperberg and Yedidia Pariente, and we all divided into teams – each team being responsible for one subject: children’s activities, little restaurant, raffles, decorations, advertising… that’s how we found ourselves working madly, all 100 students of the age group. We worked all hours of the day and night, travelled all over the country. I was in charge of advertising.”

“Over 500 people arrived for the Purim activities, families from all over the Golan Heights. The activities and the fair were a great success and we raised over 40 thousand shekels (we are still counting the money), all from activity for children suffering from Duchenne and Becker.”

“I believe that this wonderful volunteering at Purim happened largely because of the frank talk. I believe that it is always worth while to have a frank, open talk with everyone. It can simply help” concludes Boaz.